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Framed And Shot from Houston, United States

Wonderful color tones - makes us think of cosmos!

28 Feb 2010 5:48am

@Framed And Shot: Thank you F&S and welcome here.

Patricia from Brecht, Belgium

Wow nice colors, like the colors in the bedroom from my daughter

28 Feb 2010 9:31am

@Patricia: Thank you Patricia. Nice colors for a bedroom I think ;)

Mascha from Kootstertille, Netherlands

Great colors and shape!!

28 Feb 2010 10:37am

@Mascha: Many thanks Mascha

JJ from Jersey City, United States

Such beautiful colors, a wonderful abstract which has me trying to work out what it is

28 Feb 2010 1:19pm

@JJ: JJ thanks for the comment. As to what it is, I know it's not what I initially intended. It's a macro of a glass at the Museum of Natural History of New York.

Lougris from Toulouse, France

Entrée dans la stratosphère dans 30 secondes....29...28...27....26.....
rétro propulseurs enclenchés......20.....19....18....17.....
correction assiette stabilisée......12......11...10......
turbulences moteur droit, allumage aéro freins.......4.....3.....2...
...Allo la terre, nous venons de nous poser sur Vénus, c'est magnifique...

superbe image bravo !!

28 Feb 2010 1:35pm

@Lougris: Merci beaucoup pour ce petit texte fort sympathique Lougris.

Bonvilston from Cardiff, United Kingdom

My photography club had an internal competition this week on the theme of abstract. This would have walked away with the prize.

28 Feb 2010 2:27pm

@Bonvilston: Thank you Bonvilston. I'd like to thank Celine for all her support, Canon for their body and lense and light and nature for this abstract... ;)

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

Wow! Which planet is this? :-)

28 Feb 2010 5:58pm

@Curly: Sorry to disappoint Curly but everything here is bond to earth ;) Thanks for your comment

Jaap from Friesland, Netherlands

Nicr colors, nice split.

28 Feb 2010 7:40pm

@Jaap: Many thanks Jaap

Céline from New York City, United States

J'aime beaucoup cette image qui laisse place a l'imagination ! Bravo mon cheri !

1 Mar 2010 4:50am

@Céline: Merci pour toute ton aide pour la travailler. Cette photo ne serait pas la sans toi ;)

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

Very nice abstract!

1 Mar 2010 2:04pm

@Ralph Jones: Thank you Ralph

Betsy Barron from Philadelphia, PA, United States

lovely lines, shape, color.. beautiful!

1 Mar 2010 3:01pm

@Betsy Barron: Thank you very much and welcome here Betsy/

Jeremie from Brooklyn, New York, United States

Belle abstraction et superbes couleurs. Félicitations !

1 Mar 2010 4:13pm

@Jeremie: Merci beaucoup Jeremie et bienvenue

Self-Indulgence from Chicagoland, United States

So simple yet so perfect with gradient color.

1 Mar 2010 6:27pm

@Self-Indulgence: Coming from you and what you achieve usually it means a lot to me. Thank you

crash from Weehawken, NJ, United States

love it! very cool abstract

2 Mar 2010 4:18am

@crash: Thank you crash

David from Detroit, United States

Great abstract. I know what it is: it is a curve with light green and blue green colors. That's all it has to be. I really like it.

2 Mar 2010 11:22pm

@David: Thank you David for giving me the recipe on that picture. I was trying to remember what it was when I should just take it for what it is today ;)

Martin from North Platte, United States

has a spacy look to it doesnt it, like the nice smooth edges and color, Abstracts are so hard to do, but you do them beautifully!

3 Mar 2010 3:00am

@Martin: Thanks Martin. I have to admit that I don't shoot them as abstract. I just realize when I must select a category that they can only fit in abstracts :D

Meysam from Montreal, Canada

Whatever it is, it give good feeling to the viewer!

3 Mar 2010 9:00pm

@Meysam: Thank you Meysam. With your comment I think I found the interest in the favorite option for the comments. When I look at your comment it makes me feel good. Thank you

Chris from Seattle, United States

So simple. I love it!

4 Mar 2010 12:57am

@Chris: Thanks Chris