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JJ from Jersey City, United States

Nicely composed and cool light and shadow,

12 Apr 2010 1:09pm

@JJ: Thank you JJ

olivier Paillet from toulouse, France

"Who want to play with me !!?"
Nice shot !

12 Apr 2010 1:14pm

@olivier Paillet: Thanks Olivier. He really does look lonely here ;)

Bonvilston from Cardiff, United Kingdom

if it itches then scratch it !!! lol Nice subject, well composed.

12 Apr 2010 3:15pm

@Bonvilston: Thank you Bonvilston

pascal from bollene, France

un jour, je comprendrais les regles de ce sport.......et je comprendrais du coup l'angoument des américains pour ça.....belle lumière....bravo....bye

12 Apr 2010 3:54pm

@pascal: Les regles ne sont pas si compliquees. Plutot qu'un sport continu c'est un sport en phase. C'est passionant, souvent ;) Merci pour le passage.

☾éline from New York City, United States

Great composition my love ! Very beautiful shot !

12 Apr 2010 6:24pm

@☾éline: Thanks honey. I'm glad that so far you like my pics of DJ ;)

GJC from Kyoto (京都), Japan

A lovely composition; very simple. And very summer!

12 Apr 2010 10:07pm

@GJC: Thank you GJC

✿ Anina ✿ from Auckland, New Zealand

Stunning! I like the shadow

12 Apr 2010 11:14pm

@✿ Anina ✿: Many thanks Anina. glad you liked the shadow too

shoti from somewhere in, China

nicely composed sports documentary image .

13 Apr 2010 1:00am

@shoti: Thank you very much Shoti

Achu from Baltimore, United States

nice pic. Go yankees !

13 Apr 2010 1:25am

@Achu: Thank you very much Achu and welcome back ;)

pixator from kerman, Iran

well done!

13 Apr 2010 8:33am

@pixator: Thanks pixator

Christophe Esnard from Angoulême, France

je crois savoir que c'est une des stars des Yankees non ? Il a l'air bien seul ici...

14 Apr 2010 10:06am

@Christophe Esnard: Salut Christophe...C'est effecitvement le capitaine de l'equipe. A l'echauffement chacun va de son cote. Merci pour ton commentaire.

Self-Indulgence from Chicagoland, United States

You and Celine can be sports photographers! You make quite your own team!

15 Apr 2010 2:31am

@Self-Indulgence: I wish I could be sport photographer. but I'm way too slow to take any action. Thanks for your support

Self-Indulgence from Chicagoland, United States

Practice makes perfect, you do really darn good!

16 Apr 2010 11:17pm

@Self-Indulgence: You're right...Practice makes perfect. I'd love to be able to take picture of the beast on the prowl ;)