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GJC from Kyoto (京都), Japan

Good thing the mouth is taped shut! :-)

23 Nov 2010 11:25am

Larry Elkins from Bisbee, United States

Intriguing shot.

23 Nov 2010 2:22pm

Tushar Kanti Mandal from Delhi, India

Nice shot. The focus is great.

23 Nov 2010 3:44pm

Garfield from Ancaster Ontario, Canada

Speechless .. the crock I mean :)
Nice dof and color too

23 Nov 2010 7:44pm

Céline from New York City, United States

Great shot and funny title : )

24 Nov 2010 5:36am

¨‘°ºO Dutçh Oº°‘¨ from Neverwhere, United States

He must be a little snapper with the electrical tape over his snout. I like the off centered framing here.

30 Nov 2010 12:25am

@¨‘°ºO Dutçh Oº°‘¨: Wasn't sure for the off center but it was the only one I had :D

¨‘°ºO Dutçh Oº°‘¨ from Neverwhere, United States

Well if you consider that is head is dead center.. as the animal is your focus, then it really isn't off center. Also.. there's room for it to 'leap' further into the frame so yeah I like it.

1 Jan 2011 7:30pm

@¨‘°ºO Dutçh Oº°‘¨: Thanks for the follow up dutch ;)